At Franklin Hearing Center, our audiologists are specially trained to assess your unique needs as a musician. We have years of experience providing hearing protection for people who are exposed to frequent loud live music. This experience combined with the individual service you will receive at our office gives you access to unparalleled care and solutions that are customized to your unique music environment. We offer musician’s earplugs and in-ear monitors that help protect your most precious assets as a musician…your ears.  And we can help you learn to monitor noise levels.

Here are some simple steps you can take to protect your hearing as a musician:

  • Get a baseline hearing test from your audiologist; follow up annually to detect any changes
  • Use isolating earplugs for stage monitoring
  • Use both earpieces – wearing only one is dangerous
  • Learn to monitor noise at safe levels
  • Avoid vented earpieces which compromise isolation
  • Wear quality earplugs in all high-noise environments – even with outside activities such as motorcycling, chain-sawing, lawn mowing, etc.
  • Be aware of signs of overexposure such as ringing in the ears (Tinnitus), temporary shifts in your hearing thresholds and increased sensitivity to sound (hyperacusis)



While you can protect your hearing around loud music with over-the-counter earplugs, you may be missing out on the “brightness” and accuracy of the music due to muffled sound reduction. We offer custom musician’s earplugs that will evenly reduce sound levels across frequencies so you can enjoy and hear the music more precisely while also guarding your hearing. All of our earplug options are made to comfortably fit your ear while offering a great seal. Select from 3 different attenuation levels—9dB, 15 dB, and 25dB.


Properly fitting in-ear monitors (IEMs) give you maximum hearing protection while also allowing you to hear your performance more clearly than ever. By isolating your ears from the interfering sounds on a loud stage, IEMs let you to monitor and cut down noise to safer listening levels than if you were relying on floor wedges alone.  Additionally, you will have freedom of movement on stage, improved sound quality, consistency from venue to venue and reduced vocal fatigue. While we work with many ear monitor providers, we are a proud Gold Level Provider for Sensaphonics.  We can also take earmold impressions for you to send off to the company of your choice.

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