Worker with hearing protection

Hearing Protection

Repeated exposure over time to loud noises, machinery, music (live or even through earbuds) and hunting can damage your hearing. If you are routinely exposed to extremely loud sounds or a noisy environment, there are several options that can help you safeguard your hearing. Some of the warning signs of over-exposure to hazardous noise are:


  • Inability to communicate with someone 3 feet away without shouting while in the presence of noise
  • Pain in your ears after leaving a noisy area
  • Immediate ringing or buzzing (tinnitus) in your ears
  • Sudden difficulty understanding speech

A noise-induced hearing loss cannot be medically treated or reversed, but it can be prevented. We can help you select the type of protection that is best for you, including:

  • Custom fit hearing protection for motorcyclists, dentists, snoring spouses, pilots and race car drivers, just to name a few
  • Custom fit musician’s earplugs or monitors. Read more in our Musician’s Corner.
  • Custom electronic hearing protection and earplugs for industrial workers, military personnel and hunters



At Franklin Hearing Center we offer SoundGear Custom Fit electronic hearing protection to enhance every outdoor experience for both hunters and shooters. Each pair is custom fit for your ears with the most innovative electronic hearing protection available. SoundGear offers two levels of custom fit technology: Platinum and Silver.
The Platinum level offers four memory modes:
  • Normal – equal amplification across all frequencies
  • High Frequency Boost & Max Wind Management – enhances sounds in nature that are important, such as ducks flying overhead
  • Telecoil – improves communication on the telephone
  • Mute – silences your devices
The Silver level contains the same technology as the Platinum level but with a single memory mode. If you do not shoot as often as a professional hunter or shooter, the Silver level might be right for you. Both levels of technology come with a removable lanyard system.


Custom fit specs:
  • Suppresses noise at 95dB
  • 30dB of Amplification
  • 24-26dB NRR
  • 1-millisecond attack and release time
  • HearClear Wax Protection System
  • Surface™ Nanoshield moisture and wax repellent 
  • Size #13 Battery
  • 1 year warranty on fit
  • 1-year Worry-Free repair warranty against manufacturer defects