man taking a hearing quiz

Think you may have a hearing loss?

Take this simple quiz to help find out.

Do you:

  • Have difficulty understanding what is being said, unless you are directly facing the speaker?

  • Find yourself complaining that people are mumbling or slurring their words?

  • Continually ask people to repeat words or phrases, even though they feel they’re speaking loud enough?

  • Prefer the TV or radio louder than others do?

  • Have difficulty understanding conversation within a group?

  • Avoid group meetings, social outings, public facilities or family gatherings where listening may be difficult?

  • Have trouble hearing at the movies, concert halls or other public gatherings, especially where sound sources are at a distance?

  • Have ringing in your ears or other head noises (hissing, buzzing, crickets)?

If you answered YES to at least two of these questions, you may have a hearing loss and could benefit from a hearing test.

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