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Do you struggle with fatigue? Are you exhausted in the evening even though you haven’t done anything exceptionally strenuous? If you have been feeling more tired than usual, or feel like you’re more tired than is appropriate for your daily level of activity, it’s time to schedule a hearing test.

What is Listening Fatigue?

If you’ve been feeling tired at the end of the day even though you’re healthy, you could be suffering from hearing loss. A common symptom of hearing loss is listening fatigue and overall exhaustion. Listening fatigue is a feeling of deep tiredness caused by straining to hear during the entire day. With hearing loss it’s very challenging to follow conversations in noisy environments, and you exert far more energy just straining to make out what’s been said. All this added effort leads to listening fatigue, and leaves you exhausted at the end of every day.

Hearing Is in The Brain

You may think that hearing is all in your ears, but hearing takes place in both your ears and your brain. Your ears are responsible for sensing all the sound around you, and converting the sound waves into electrical impulses that are sent to the brain. Your brain takes these electrical impulses, determines which sounds are important speech sounds and which are distracting background sounds, and helps you hear. When the cells in your ear have been damaged by hearing loss your brain doesn’t receive a complete picture of the sounds around you, and your brain has to work overtime to decipher sounds. You’ll spend your whole day straining to hear, and end the day feeling completely exhausted and worn out.

Hearing Aids for Easy Listening

If you’ve been struggling with fatigue, hearing aids can help you hear easily, and give you back your energy. Hearing aids amplify sounds in your environment, and digital hearing aids can filter sounds to help you hear speech and ignore distracting background noise. Your ears can easily hear more of the sounds around you, and your brain doesn’t have to work so hard to hear. Not only will you be hearing clearly, you’ll have energy for more important things!

Hearing Aids for Reduced Listening Effort

Today’s hearing technology has advanced programs and features that can help you hear in any situation, and if you’re often in crowded places or find yourself straining to hear, hearing aids can help reduce your listening effort. Some devices even provide better hearing in background noise than normal hearing! This works by delivering advanced directionality, sophisticated speech enhancement, and the best in background noise reduction to give your effortless hearing.

Learning to Cope with Listening Fatigue

Even those with normal hearing can suffer from listening fatigue. If you’re in noisy places for many hours each day, you will feel tired and burnt out by the end of the day since your brain has been working hard to help you focus on what you wanted to hear. If you do a lot of intense listening every day, learning these coping skills will help you feel more rested, and give your ears and brain a break.

  • Whenever possible, eliminate or reduce background noise. You can wear earplugs or noise canceling headphones, or turn off any background music.
  • Take a break from all the noise by stepping outside for a few minutes, eating lunch in the park instead of the crowded breakroom, and reading a book rather than listening to music or watching TV.
  • Did you know that a short nap can significantly reduce fatigue? If you’ve been struggling to hear and are feeling exhausted, taking a 15- to 20-minute nap will give your ears and brain a break, and you’ll be more alert.

Franklin Hearing Center

Roughly 40 million Americans have hearing loss and strain to hear the sounds around them. If you’ve been fighting off fatigue, call us today at Franklin Hearing Center to schedule a hearing test, and see if hearing loss is making you tired. Our hearing health specialists will test your hearing range, and determine what sounds you’re struggling to hear. With a quality hearing device, you’ll hear easily in every situation, hear without asking people to repeat themselves, and enjoy energy that lasts throughout the day. Don’t let fatigue get the better of you, and visit us today.