Dr. Cynthia L. Ellison, Au.D

Dr. Ellison obtained her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Northern Illinois University and her Doctorate in Audiology (Au.D.) from Arizona School of Health Sciences. She is licensed in Tennessee and specializes in rehabilitative audiology and Tinnitus.
Dr. Cynthia L. Ellison, Au.D

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Hearing loss is among the health problems that are affecting most people across the world. One out of four people in the world is suffering from either partial hearing or complete deafness. It is a serious problem, which is becoming severe every day. The challenge is that many people are taking the hearing impairment less serious as they would consider other health problems like cancer and AIDS. It is because of this ignorance that the number of people suffering from hearing problems is increasing every day. The major causes of this health problem do not require much research, but indeed, it is our daily activities that subject us to this menace. This article describes some of our daily activities that compromise our hearing health.

  1. Music Concerts and Shows

Clubbing and attending music shows and concerts are some of the things that most people frequently do as a way of relaxing and enjoying their life. When you visit the club or music shows definitely, the music is not played at low volumes. That loud music and heart trembling beats that you enjoy during your clubbing or during the shows have a significant impact on your hearing health. It is one of the major factors that can cause noise induced hearing loss.

  1. The Use of Ear Phones/ Headphones

This is a habit that is loved by many youths and also some adults. Listening to music using your earphones is not bad, but it can be hazardous if you cannot control the volume levels. You will find listening to music suing earphones, but you can hear the sound of the beats from far. That is why most of the phones or music gadgets have been designed in a way that if you increase volume to a maximum level, they give you a safety alert. It is not safe to listening music at high volumes. This is another factor that can result to noise induced hearing loss.

  1. Use of Power tools

There are many power tools that we are using almost daily. Some of them include motorcycles, small guns, and firecrackers, among many others. The sound that is produced by these power tools ranges from 120 to 160 decibels. That amount of noise is enough to damage your ears and cause hearing problems. This is a common cause of hearing impairment to the military servicemen and women. Another cause of hearing loss that many people ignore it is driving while your windows are open, especially during the rush hour.

  1. Use of Food Blender

Food blender is a kitchen equipment that we use in our daily home activities. This equipment can compromise your hearing if you do not take care. The sound that it produces is averagely 90 decibels, and that is termed as loud. When you are blending a lot of food, you will take some time. Therefore, you are supposed to take some precautions and put some healthy measures so that you do not affect your ears.

  1. Wails of Siren

When you are living in the city, hardly a day goes before you hear wails of siren either from an ambulance, a police car or any other vehicle. It is good to keep a distance when you hear the wails of the mermaid because the noise produced from the siren is enough to cause hearing impairment. The police officers or even the health officers that are in the vehicle ought to wear some gadgets that will protect their ears from damage. It is a simple cause of hearing loss that many people fail to acknowledge it.

Tips to Protect Your Ears from Loss of Hearing

  • First, and foremost, you should avoid places that are too noisy. Such areas include the clubbing centers, music shows among many others.
  • Do not leave your car windows open when you are driving in heavy traffic or during the rush hour.
  • Avoid listening to music at high volumes especially when using an earphone or headphone.
  • Use earplugs when working in a noisy environment.
  • Give your ears time. This is for those who spend a lot of time in a noisy environment.
  • Ensure your ears are always dry.