Improving Communication with Your Family

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Hearing loss can be hard for you and your family. Whether it is you or someone dear to you who struggles with hearing loss, the constant breakdown of communication can be exhausting.  Sadly instances where hearing loss goes ignored, the problem does not go away or get better on it’s own. It all too often leads [...]

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Earbud Use Could Harm Your Hearing

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Most of us own earbuds or headphones, maybe even more than one pair! They have become a common way we listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks and more. We are using earbuds now more than ever (at work, during our commute, while exercising, when chatting on the phone etc.) and though they are meant to be convenient, [...]

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Hearing Loss & Fatigue

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Life may be exhausting from time to time, but hearing loss takes fatigue to a whole new level. Have you been getting home from work feeling completely drained? Are you way more tired than usual? If life at the office doesn’t seem more strenuous than usual, hearing loss could be making you more tired. What is [...]

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Communication at Work – May is Better Hearing and Speech Month!

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Working with hearing loss can be challenging. Impaired hearing reduces one’s ability to hear which can make communication difficult. Strained communication impacts the conversations and interactions you have on a daily basis. Engaging with your coworkers and managing your responsibilities at work can become tough. However, by addressing your hearing loss and seeking treatment, you can [...]

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